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Senseo Sevilla Caramel

Senseo Coffee Pods Sevilla, Caramel & Vanilla.
Soft and sensual, that's Senseo Sevilla, inspired by the eponymous town in southern Spain.

Be surprised by the light tones of caramel and vanilla.

Each bag has 14 pods

1 390 Ft
Out of stock!
Senseo Brazil

Created using 100% Arabica beans, our exclusive Selections range

showcase the exceptional flavours of beans from some of the finest

coffee regions in the world.This blend is mild roasted to create an aromatic

coffee with delicious hints of caramel and a delicate chocolate flavour.

Eacg bag has 16 pods

1 190 Ft
Senseo Colombia

Made from Arabica beans from Colombian valleys and ravines,

pre-measured and sealed inside their own filter for maximum freshness. 

Aromatic, with a strong, full taste.

Each bag has 16 pods

1 190 Ft
Senseo Kenya
1 390 Ft

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