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Medium roast

Senseo Classic

Full of strength and character,

Arabica and Robusta beans are dark roasted for longer to create a rich coffee.

Each bag has 36 pods. 

1 990 Ft
Senseo Mild Roast (36)

Made from the finest coffee beans,

pre-measured and sealed inside their own filter for maximum freshness.

Rich, aromatic, and smooth flavor;

gives a rich, frothy coffee layer with every cup.

Each bag has 36 pods.

1 990 Ft
Senseo Extra Mild
1 390 Ft
Senseo Mocca Gourmet (36)

Senseo Mocca Gourmet is a refreshing, soft intense coffee.

The Arabian port of Mokka used to be the most important trade city for coffee in the world.

The mocha coffee bean was known for its typical taste.

The soft, intense taste of Mocca Gourmet is very suiting at the end of hot meal,

but is also very enjoyable between meals.

Each bag has 36 pods. 

1 990 Ft
Senseo Vanilla
2 290 Ft
Senseo Caramel
2 290 Ft

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